Almond Blossoms: They are the first to bloom

They bloom the earliest…
Almond trees are covered by their white bridal gowns when spring arrives
Every corner of Datça is surrounded by Almond Blossoms…
Almond trees are the messengers for the arrival of spring, so bring splendid nature
Mountains, lowlands, vineyards, farms, all turns white…
Such white, people think of it as snow!

Almond blossoms add glow to Datça… Spring in Datça will blow your mind.
When nature awakes, farms and mountains of Datça rage…
When green meadows meet with yellow-white daisies, almond trees bloom their blossoms and surround themselves with white; just as if they are replying in kind to territories that are surrounded by snow during winter time.

It is considered as one of the most spectacular times of Datça when almond blossoms meet daisies. Therefore, Almond Blossom Festival will be held every year, starting from 2018, so that everyone will get to experience this spectacular nature at the beginning of each spring.

The second Almond Blossom Festival in Datça will last 3 days (8-9-10 February 2019). There will be various fun activities promoting local culture of Datça Peninsula.

The fair area will host booths that are designed to promote locally produced almonds, regional foods, natural production workshops, local handcrafted souvenirs, regional dance performances etc.

In addition to fair area, there will be almond blossoms photo tours, nature walks, journeys to Knidos and Old Datça and wine tasting activities in the festival.